The purpose of the project Joint Ventures: Jeunes et des éspaces vertes is to create healthy, climate-smart resilient societies in Europe by tapping into the youth potential, working transversally across the urban and rural sectors aiding them to improve their existing skills and learn others including organising summer camps and weekend camping-style getaways in nature.

The concrete objectives of our project are: 

(i) capacity-building of youth on green-life skills 

(ii) refining the attitude of youth towards climate change, through practical examples and long-term impact examples 

(iii) provide youth exciting ways to contribute tangibly to concerted climate action 

(iv) impart green-life skills to youth, especially in adherence to WHO’s definition of life skills ‘abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life’ to aid in green youth work 

(v) support creation of local summer camps by providing youth a handbook and an online platform allowing youth to network, organise and lead such camps to further involve others


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